How it Began

My first impression of soap making came from my maternal grandmother at her farmhouse in Manitoba, Canada in the 50’s. 

I remember her making a big batch of soap on an outdoor cook stove, using big blue enamel cooking pots. She poured it into large wooden open boxes and put it in the shed to keep our nosey little fingers out of it. I remember the soap as being hand cut into large bars, that had a chunky, fudge-like look to them. I guess the image stuck with me, because I use the hot process method which cooks the soap, like she did and it has a chunky, uneven, distinctive look to it.

I fell into soap making by accident. I owned and operated a few Mexican restaurants in the 1980’s as well as a Mexican deli. This taught me the ins and outs of business and my tenure as a hospital pharmacy technician, taught me aseptic compound and mixing techniques. Soap making as a business just seemed to followed naturally.

My passion is soap making and I hope my soaps reflect the respect and appreciation I have for our natural environment.

I strive to provide you, my customer; with premium quality handmade soap at an affordable price.